Earl Grey

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Whether you are a lover of Earl Grey or simply Earl Grey curious we hope you will find a new favourite amongst our curated selection of five blends. There is even a caffeine-free option to allow you to drink your beloved Earl Grey right up until bedtime.  Read a little more about each flavour (and the Earl Grey variety box) further down the page. 

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A little more about each of these beautiful blends:

Earl Grey Supreme – our original Earl Grey blend with crisp clean flavours which is a real favourite for many
Earl Grey Blueflower – our most traditional and strongest Earl Grey blend with a good measure of bergamot
Rose Earl Grey – floral and delicious, this black tea blend has a dedicated following  among our Earl Grey lovers, they will never give up their  Rose Earl Grey
Elegant Grey – a variation on Lady Grey which generally has some citrus added.  Our blend contains a little lime.  

Earl Grey Rooibos – this caffeine-free option is the perfect solution to enable you to enjoy a cup of Earl Grey right up until bedtime.

Earl Grey Variety Pack - this makes a great gift for any lover of Earl Grey.  The pack contains 6 x 20 gm mini bags of loose-leaf tea.  You will find the five Earl Grey flavours from the Stir range plus their friend English Breakfast. 

If you are just starting to explore Earl Grey blends you may be wondering what makes them so distinctive.  

Earl Grey blends are easily recognised by the characteristic aroma of bergamot. This is an essence extracted from the aromatic skin of the bergamot orange which is grown mainly around the coastal areas of Italy. It is the defining taste in any earl grey blend. Blends vary by the amount of bergamot added and the tea base used. Our Earl Grey Blue has bergamot flavouring while the Earl Grey Supreme, Rose Earl Grey, Elegant and Earl Grey Rooibos, all contain bergamot oil. If the bergamot aroma seems familiar take a look at the ingredients list on many perfumes and skin care products for both men and women, often you will find it there also.

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