Black Tea

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We hope you enjoy our selection of high quality, blended black teas.  Read more about what makes a black tea further down the page along with suggestions to help guide you choose the perfect flavour.   

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A Small Note On What Makes A Black Tea: 

Black Tea comes from leaves of the tea plant (camellia sinensis) that have been withered, rolled, oxidised and dried. During rolling the cell structure of the leaves are broken, releasing enzymes that interact with air and cause oxidation. Oxygen changes the leaf's properties and accounts for the darker colours and strong rich flavours characteristic of black teas. It is this oxidation process that makes Black Tea different than Green Tea.

Which Black Tea Are You Looking For?

Breakfast Blends – Try English Breakfast or Hearty Breakfast.

Earl Grey Blends – Try the clean, fresh flavours of our organically grown Earl Grey Supreme, the punchier Earl Grey Blueflower (our strongest taste of bergamot in this blend), the ladylike and sophisticated Elegant Grey with its touch of orange or the organically grown popular, sweet Rose Earl Grey.

Masala Chai or added spice – Enjoy the organically grown Masala Chai (spiced tea) or the organically grown Ginger Peach.
Vanilla - Add a hint of vanilla to your day and a lovely creamy mouthfeel with the very popular Coconut Cream Black Tea or the Toffee Nut

A floral note - Enjoy the classic Black Tea Rose (rose is also prominent in the Rose Earl Grey).
A fruity addition - Try the organically grown blends Ginger Peach or the Soursop Black.
Variety Packs - Unsure which Stir Tea blend to choose then try a variety pack.

Our Single Estate Black Teas (Brown Umbrella) include flavours such as Assam, Lapsang Souchong, Keemun, Darjeeling, Yunnan Orange Pekoe. Click here to view the full Single Estate Black Tea range.